Frequently Asked Questions About Sugaring & Waxing

What’s the difference between wax and sugaring?

Sugaring is applied with the esthetician’s hands directly onto the skin (they wear gloves, of course), while we use wooden sticks for our hard wax. Sugaring pulls the hair in the direction it grows (wax pulls against), so many find it to be a gentler, less painful process. Both products are warm and have a honey-like consistency.

What should I expect during a wax/sugaring?

You will be greeted by our front desk when you check in, then your esthetician will come get you from the waiting area and you’ll be shown to a treatment room. She will leave while you remove your bottom layer of clothing and return when you’re ready. Brazilians take about 15 minutes, and we show movies and Sex and the City episodes in all the treatment rooms, so times flies.

Do I need to be really hairy before my wax/sugaring?

If it’s your first wax/sugaring ever, we recommend you haven’t shaved for at least 10 days (2 weeks preferably). We recommend waiting three to four weeks between wax/sugaring appointments, but if you need to see us sooner than that to freshen up, we can certainly accommodate you.

Does it hurt?

Bottom line, you’re pulling hair out of its follicle so yes, it will be a little uncomfortable. To ease the pain, we recommend exfoliating the area in the shower the day before your treatment.  You should also drink lots of water the day of your appointment and avoid alcohol for at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.  And if it’s your first time and you find it to be painful, it gets easier every time. We promise.

What should I expect immediately afterward?

For waxing, you may be a tad red and sensitive for up to 24 hours after. We recommend not working out (or um, having sex) within 24 hours. For sugaring, most clients experience a little redness for an hour or so, but go on about their normal lives (exercise, sex and all) immediately after.

How long will I be fuzz-free?

Everybody is different, but most clients who get waxed/sugaring regularly come every four weeks (give or take). Sugaring keeps the hair away a little longer, and the more you do it, the less the hair grows back; and for many, it grows back thinner and softer.

How should I prep for an airbrush spray tan?

We recommend exfoliating your body the day before or day of a spray tan as it helps the color last longer, but it’s not a must. Please arrive for your spray tan with no lotion or beauty products on your skin.

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